Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan January 17, 2019

Cleanroom PPE: Protecting the Wearer and the Product

For workers in controlled environments, chemical resistant single use PPE is critical. From assembly of parts to transferring, blending and compounding solids and liquids to spill or leakage cleanup, protection against harsh chemicals including acids, solvents, and bases is a top priority.

However, PPE for cleanroom environments isn’t only necessary to protect the worker; PPE must also protect the product from potential contaminants. Therefore, the best cleanroom PPE solutions provide both the performance and protection necessary for workers while safeguarding product quality and integrity.

Ansell recently adapted our best-selling Microflex 93-360 single use glove to be applicable for controlled environments. The Microflex® 93-360 is the thinnest, chemical resistant disposable glove designed for cleanroom environments, and is made of an innovate, synthetic composite material for tough chemical protection. The extra soft formulation and ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit and feel for extended wear times.

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