Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan May 09, 2019

Fighting the Good Fight Against Dry Skin

Due to the nature of their work, laboratory professionals are often required to wear gloves for long periods of time, as well as frequently wash their hands and use alcohol-based disinfectants to prevent contamination. While these practices are necessary for worker safety and product integrity, it can wreak havoc on the hands. Frequent hand washing and disinfectant use often leads to dry, cracked skin – creating discomfort for workers both on and off the job.

To address the prevalent problem of dry skin among laboratory workers and improve the comfort and performance of everyday examination gloves, Ansell developed a technology to soothe the skin. We found adding a water-based, odorless inner coating to gloves helped retain moisture and hydrate skin while evenly distributing moisture across the hand surface. This prevents skin from drying and cracking, creating healthy, hydrated skin.

This new HYDRASOFT technology allows skin to retain approximately 2x more moisture than with the standard nitrile glove. It’s featured in the new Microflex® TQ-601 and best-suited for laboratory professionals seeking tactility, dexterity and a comfortable ergonomic fit and feel. 

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