Double Gloving: A Gold Standard of Practice

Double Gloving – A Standard of Practice In Surgery

Ansell's clinical consultants from the UK, Jessamy Walker and Eunice Sithole, recently presented a webinar on the fundamentals of Double Gloving. This webinar, also available on the AnsellCARESSM On-Demand Webinars landing page, is accredited by the Association for Perioperative Practice - AfPP, and is approved for 1 CE hour.

Ansell's webinar, Double Gloving- A Standard of Practice in Surgery, reviews aspects ranging from occupational exposure and sharps injuries in the perioperative environment to renewed awareness of the real impact of micro-perforations in surgical gloves.

Jess and Eunice feature the many benefits of double gloving along with barriers and objections that many healthcare professionals face when adapting to change. This webinar reinforces why double gloving can be considered the gold standard, given the substantiated supporting evidence. Healthcare workers who view this webinar can learn, implement, and adapt these procedures into their professional practice. As a result, both patients and healthcare workers will be safeguarded from undue exposure.



Read Jess and Eunice's article, Double Gloving: A gold standard of practice, in the March, 2021 edition of AfPP's newsletter, IPP.  Supported by evidence-based research, the benefits and importance of double gloving are identified in this brief, yet concise overview.  In addition to examining the potential barriers to wearing two pairs of gloves, the risks of single gloving are also discussed, in terms of micro-perforations and occupational exposure.  Not only will healthcare professionals find this engaging article a useful learning tool, but they can also implement and adapt these findings into their own professional practice.  Ultimately, both patients and healthcare workers alike will benefit by safeguarding themselves from undue exposure.

Understanding the rationale for double gloving in perioperative practice is key to educating others and improving compliance outcomes.


Click here to access and read the entire March, 2021 edition of AfPP's newsletter, IPP.

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