Ronda Johnson
Ronda Johnson May 20, 2019

Addressing Slippery Situations for Workers

Workers in food processing and janitorial professions face several unique challenges that require tailored anti-slip protection against cuts, slippery liquids and chemicals. To avoid injury, it is essential that workers wear slip-resistant gloves that provide a secure grip and tactility without inhibiting their performance or comfort.

A common challenge these workers face is wearing janitorial or food processing gloves too thick for the task at hand, or too thin to properly protect them. It’s imperative that safety managers understand the benefits of both disposable and reusable non-slip work gloves – and when each is appropriate. An ambidextrous single use nitrile anti-slip glove is necessary when process dictates more frequent disposal, which can help reduce cross contamination. A reusable non-slip work glove is necessary when extended wear time is required or if a hand specific glove is desired for more comfort.

To meet varying worker needs, Ansell has both disposable and reusable slip-resistant glove offerings. The Microflex® 93-283 & 93-287 are disposable non-slip gloves made with Mega Texture grip surface on the palms and fingers for comfort and confidence when handling wet, oily, or fatty foods and objects. The AlphaTec® 37-310 is a lightweight, reusable non-slip glove engineered to allow optimum balance and flexibility while protecting against light acids, greases, oils and liquids.

Both the disposable and reusable slip-resistant glove options feature aggressive texture to best suit worker needs, so safety managers can have peace of mind they are selecting the right non-slip work glove for the job.

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