Jason Kokoszka
Jason Kokoszka November 05, 2018

Ansell Launches First Ergonomically Certified Industrial Glove Series

The HyFlex 11-93x series has been certified as the First Ergonomic Certified Industrial Glove Series(1) after a thorough and comprehensive study performed by the industry leader in ergonomics testing within the United States, US Ergonomics.

HyFlex 11-931, 11-937, and 11-939 gloves have been demonstrated to reduce muscle fatigue, increase grip performance, maximize hand and finger flexibility, and improve wrist posture and overall dexterity(2). Various job functions expose workers to risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, such as working at awkward angles or pushing and pulling heavy objects.

When these types of tasks are done repeatedly, the chance for injury increases exponentially. Overexertion or improper positioning of the hand day-in and day-out can result in serious hand injuries, including Carpal Tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, or trigger fingers. The HyFlex 11-93x glove series actively works against these risks, significantly reducing hand muscle effort and improving wrist posture while performing tasks, even compared to barehanded movements.

(1) As per United States Ergonomics
(2) As compared to bare-handed conditions

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