Ronda Johnson
Ronda Johnson July 08, 2019

Ansell Launches Reusable Glove for Food Processing and Janitorial Markets

The food processing and janitorial markets require workers to tackle a variety of tasks, including food handling, equipment maintenance, sanitation, packaging and transportation. While job functions may vary, one need that transcends both industries is a glove that provides comfort while protecting against light acids, oils and other liquids.

Workers in these industries often come in contact with slippery liquids and chemicals on a daily basis. To combat these challenges and protect workers from potential hazards, gloves should provide strong dexterity and tactility without a loss of durability. Additionally, to keep workers safe and satisfied all day long, gloves should be comfortable even when extended wear time is necessary.

To meet these needs, Ansell has launched the AlphaTec® 37-310, a lightweight, reusable glove geared specifically towards the food processing and janitorial markets. This glove provides optimum comfort, flexibility and performance, while protecting against chemicals, grease, oils and liquids.

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