Jason Kokoszka
Jason Kokoszka August 12, 2019

Cold Weather Work Gloves for Extreme Elements

Workers must be protected to handle every element. Whether dealing with extreme heat or frigid-cold temperatures, quality of work suffers without the proper hand protection. For cold weather work gloves to be effective, they must be water-resistant, insulated - but not at the expense of reducing dexterity - and sweat-wicking to avoid losing body heat.

But the reality is, one size doesn’t fit all. It’s vital to consider a variety of factors when working in cold weather elements to ensure complete hand protection. Two of the primary influences that impact choice of waterproof winter work gloves for workers are the time exposed to cold conditions and the amount of insulation needed in the gloves.

However, it is not a linear choice; rather, cold weather work glove preferences and needs are unique to the individual. For example, the higher a worker’s metabolic rate is, the less insulation is needed from the glove. Despite these critical factors, what is uniform regardless is the importance of choosing a product that prioritizes protection. Worker safety should never be taken lightly – even when the only danger is the cold. And the truth is prioritizing workplace safety is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business.

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