Jason Kokoszka
Jason Kokoszka January 21, 2019

New Glove Protects Against Rotating Tool Injuries

When working with rotating tools, there is always a risk of accidental entanglement with the glove. This can lead to crushed fingers or even amputation. For this reason, workers often perform their task with bare hands, which increases the risk of other injuries.

To reduce the risk of severe injuries when working with rotating tools, Ansell created the new HyFlex 11-812, a unique and innovative low-tear resistant glove specifically designed to mitigate the risks of working with such tools. The glove is designed to break easily at multiple areas, including the palm, index finger and thumb, which were all identified as high risk areas. This allows the worker to remove his or her hand easily in case of entanglement, and significantly reduces the risk of getting a hand stuck in the rotating tool and potential related injuries.

The glove is recommended for final assembly in automotive, metal fabrication, and machinery and equipment environments.

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