Jason Kokoszka
Jason Kokoszka February 25, 2019

New Industrial Gloves Provide High Comfort and Cut Protection

According to the National Safety Council, the direct cost of a laceration to the hand is $10,000 and a severed tendon can be more than $70,000. Cut protection that lives up to its performance promises is critical to both safety managers and workers.

In an effort to continually improve our cut protection offerings, we developed INTERCEPT® cut resistant yarn, blending engineered, synthetic and natural fibers into high-performance yarn that provides high cut protection in targeted areas of cut risk. Combined with the comfortable design of HyFlex® gloves, INTERCEPT Technology provides workers with the ideal balance of comfort, protection, and dexterity, while offering a high-quality PPE product at a competitive price as a result of the proprietary yarn.

Today, millions of workers around the world are protected with HyFlex gloves that keep them comfortable and safe from common industrial cut risks. Due to the success of HyFlex and INTERCEPT, Ansell is introducing new and improved models of our well-loved HyFlex gloves to workers that are lighter and more cut resistant than ever before. Converting to these new gloves will provide a lighter weight and more comfortable alternative.

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