Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan July 15, 2019

PPE Assessments Deliver Real Cost Savings

Proper PPE assessments can lead to significant benefits for companies, including saved time, money and resources. For expansive or global companies, assessments can help standardize PPE across all industries and market segments – and solve worker PPE and safety needs once and for all.

For example, the employees of a multinational mass media corporation were recently noting a lack of dexterity, standardization and proper cut resistance protection with current PPE products. Our Ansell Guardian assessment team conducted a complete PPE assessment, including preliminary interviews with employees to better understand tasks and hazards, inventory of current products and analysis of workplace findings and performance.

Our assessment revealed overall needs for dexterity, abrasion, ergonomic fit and oil grip. Identifying these needs allowed a better PPE solution to be designed and implemented that delivered all needed benefits while reducing SKUs was achieved. MICROFLEX XCEED XC-310 was one of the key disposable products implemented which was able to deliver dexterity and ergonomic benefits in janitorial and hospitality environments. The assessment also standardized PPE across the company’s business units with total cost performance savings of over $100k and growing an estimated total cost performance savings of $200k and growing.

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