Marina Atme June 10, 2019

Why Comfort is King When It Comes to Chemical Protection

Workers handling chemicals must often wear suits to safeguard against a variety of hazards, including protection from dry applications, splashes and violate chemicals. As worker safety is critical, safety managers often look to the performance and protection of a suit when it comes to making a PPE selection. However, comfort - a critical feature - is often overlooked. Suit discomfort, such as a lack of breathability, moisture management or range of movement, often results in workers removing this necessary piece of PPE during the day. This puts them at risk of injury and breach of worker compliance.

To ensure workers keep their suits on through a full work day, it is important that suits are built with all-day comfort in mind in addition to performance and protection. It is also critical that suits are tailored to the needs of industry-specific tasks. For example, dry application work requires different levels of protection than suits protecting against splashes. Full chemical exposure requires an even different set of protection needs. However, any chemical suit must be built using a breathable material that manages moisture and keeps workers comfortable.

Ansell offers a range of comfort-driven suits designed to protect against dry applications, harsh chemical exposures and everything in between.

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