Smart Pack™

SMART Pack™ for the Busy Workplace

Ansell’s new generation SMART packaging takes user-friendly to the next level featuring a dispenser box packed with practical and functional conveniences designed to fit how you work. The dispenser box improvements include upgraded perforated opening tabs, hand-shaped opening slots and a dedicatedl slot for the easy return of unused gloves. We also designed our dispenser boxes, poly-pouches and cases to be smaller to reduce our collective carbon footprint and help fuel a greener world.

SMART Benefits

user friendly packages

User-Friendly Dispenser

  • Dispenser box may be opened either vertically or horizontally, giving you the option to stack opened boxes to fit your shelf's configuration.
  • All key information, such as product type, glove size, and expiry date are clearly visible, irrespective of whether the box is placed horizontally or vertically.
  • A special insertion slot allows for easy return of unopened sterile gloves.
  • Improved perforation of tabs offers effortless opening.

user friendly pouch

Smaller, Sterile Poly-Pouch

  • Smaller handling surface means less risk of contamination. Research indicates that increased contamination are associated more with larger pouches than smaller pouches.¹
  • Glove name, latex content, size and lot number are displayed for easier product identification at pouch level.

Improved Inner-Wrap Labeling

Improved Inner-Wrap Labeling

  • Key glove information is easily visible either folded or unfolded, allowing you to confirm critical information, such as the type of glove, latex or non-latex, etc. 
  • Easy identification of left or right hand to assist quick donning.


SMART Space Saver

SMART Space Saver

Space to store surgical gloves is at a premium in the operating room. Compared to our previous pack design, our SMART Pack™ dispenser boxes are smaller and lighter. You save up to 54% shelf space* and you also save on replenishing time as our smaller, lightweight dispenser boxes now have 200 pairs of gloves per box, which means you fit more boxes within the same shelf space. *Base area is now 16 x 13.2 cm versus the old box of 29.7 x 16.4 cm  

Smarter for the environment



Smaller pouches, smaller glove boxes, smaller cartons. This all scales down to less plastic and cardboard waste, as well as a reduced carbon footprint thanks to fewer CO2 emissions. Together with Ansell, you are helping build a greener world.

SMART Pack™ Sustainability Chart

Ansell's SMART Pack™ helps to reduce the consumption of trees, printing inks, energy, shipping containers, trucks, and fuel. Download the Ansell Environmental Impact Calculator and enter the values in the fields to calculate your hospital's reduction. Values are indicative and to be used for comparison purposes only.


What customers love about our SMART Pack™

Here's How Customers Rated our User-Friendly and Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Overall experience with new Ansell SMART Pack™: 99%
Ease of dispensing gloves:  100%
Ease of opening new smaller pouch:  100%
Easy identification of the product name, size, and other related information: 97%

Note: Percentages shown are results from North America only. Sample size: 150."

¹ Trier et al. The Role of Packaging Size on Contamination Rates during Simulated Presentation to a Sterile Field. PLoS ONE (2014); vol 9 (issue 7):1-5. 

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