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Ansell is a diversified global leader in hand and body protection solutions and an integrated manufacturer, innovator and marketer of products on which millions of workers and healthcare professionals rely. For over 125 years, Ansell has delivered advanced protection solutions to people at work and at home, keeping them out of harm’s way. Our expertise, innovative products, and advanced technology give our customers peace of mind and confidence no other brand can deliver.



No. 1 or 2 position in key segments globally

9 billion gloves sold per year

Customers in 100+ countries

Provides protection solutions to 25+ industries

Employing more than 14,000 people in over 55 countries


1655.1 mln $ total sales

Adjusted EBIT margin 12.5%

904.2 mln $ HGBU sales

EBIT margin 12.5%

750.9 mln $ IGBU sales

EBIT margin 13.8%

206.3 mln $ EBIT

Before significant items

Performance in FY23 - Overview

FY22 FY23 Growth % Organic Constant Currency Growth %
Sales $1,952.1m $1,655.2m (15.2%) (11.0%)
EBIT $245.1m $206.3m (15.8%) (6.7%)
EBIT Margin 12.6% 12.5%

Significant Items ($17.0m) $2.7m  
Net Interest ($19.7m) ($19.4m) (1.5%) 1.1%
Taxes  ($48.6m) ($39.7m) (18.3%) (17.8%)
Effective tax rate¹ 20.8% 21.1%  
Minority Interests ($1.1m) ($1.6m) 45.5% 45.5%
Profit Attributable $158.7m $148.3m (6.6%) (4.7%)
EPS 125.2¢ 117.5¢ (6.2%)  
Adjusted EPS 138.6¢ 115.3¢ (16.8%) (4.3%) 
Dividend 55.45¢ 45.90¢ (17.2%)

1. Effective tax rate is calculated excluding the equity accounting loss from Careplus Joint venture (FY22: $8.5m; FY23: $1.5m) and Significant Items (nil income tax expenses for both FY22 and FY23 are attributable to Significant Items, see Note 3(b) Significant Items of the Groups's audited FY23 Financial Statements for detail).


Chairman's Review

We have set our sights beyond compliance. Our ambitious goals include advocating for higher labour standards in the PPE industry while recognising we have more to achieve.

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Ansell 2040 Sustainability Action Plan

Thinking of people and planet first: Ansell’s purpose, business operations and products operate with sustainability as our foundation. This year we share, for the first time, our Ansell 2040 Sustainability Action Plan (below), followed by a tracking report listing key performance indicators against our targets for Planet and People (pages 26 to 27). Our sustainability performance demonstrates that Ansell has begun to achieve what very few others in our industry have even approached. For 130 years, Ansell has been protecting people, and our ambitions today and our accomplishments are more vital for our future than ever before. Full details are published in our 2023 Sustainability Report and 2023 Labour Rights Report (and Modern Slavery Statement), to be released in August 2023.

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