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As highly-controlled environments, hospitals and surgical centers require specialized solutions. The exacting nature of medical professionals’ work necessitates hospital PPE that’s reliable and conforms to various regulations and safety standards. Additionally, the laborious conditions of medical environments demand hospital gloves that can endure the strain of long, intensive use.

Beyond reliability and durability, however, safety is often the primary concern of hospital administrators and surgical center personnel. Without proper protection, bloodborne pathogens and contagions can spread erroneously and threaten the wellbeing of patients and staff.

At Ansell, our personal protective equipment is engineered to satisfy all three criteria, providing you and your workers with innovative safety solutions that actively aid your practice rather than hindering it.

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March 22, 2021

New Surgical Lines Ramp Up Supply

As the manufacturer of the world’s No. 1 surgical glove of choice, we are committed to being prepared to meet the healthcare industry’s growing needs. Thanks to our pre-COVID planning to add 4 new surgical dipping lines, we have already commenced ramping up the supply of surgical gloves to meet high customer demand.
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Innovative solutions that keep healthcare workers safe

Double Gloving

One Don. Done.

Don once and you're done. Double-glove in half the time.
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Allergy prevention

Know the Difference

Hospitals moving to non-latex gloves should consider that not all non-latex gloves provide the same allergy protection.
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Be Prepared Be Protected

USP 800

USP General Chapter <800> provides standards for safe handling of hazardous drugs to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients and the environment.
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The Benefits of High-Quality Hospital PPE

Ansell provides a comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment for hospitals and surgical centers, including:
  • Surgical gloves that provide advanced allergy protection and adept comfort within a broad range of surgical contexts
  • Exam gloves manufactured using a variety of materials to suit the allergenic needs of you and your patients
  • Surgical equipment such as safety scalpels and instrument drapes that reduce the likelihood of sharps injuries
  • Specialty gloves and glove liners that shield hands from radiation exposure
  • Cleanroom gloves suitable for use in controlled environments where user protection and contamination prevention are mandatory

Why Ansell

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10-Step Evaluation Process

We'll take the worry and headache out of the equation.

ENCORE Latex Textured & GAMMEX Non-Latex PI SMARTPack Vertical Group Shot - Closed

Product Expertise

Let us help you reduce SKU variation and ensure you have the right product for every situation.

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Breadth of Product Range

Because we design, develop, and manufacture our safety solutions, we have a solution for everyone.

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December 31, 2020 Coronavirus,COVID-19,Personal Protective Equipment

How to Select a Medical Glove

What are your criteria for selecting gloves? Not all gloves are made equally and there are both poor and good quality, and it is often hard to tell just by looking at them.
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December 29, 2020 Coronavirus,COVID-19,Personal Protective Equipment

Consumer PPE vs. Medical PPE

Gloves may be sold over the counter as a general consumer product or a therapeutic medical device which undergoes a stricter authority and makes them a higher level of PPE and a higher level of protection.
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Continuing Education

Affirmed by Global Healthcare Leaders

Looking for continuing education credits?  We are an approved provider of accredited continuing education (CE/CDE) and professional development (CPD) for RNs and Dental Professionals in some regions. Courses are also available to any user, even if accreditation does not apply.  Click through this section to explore our course library and let us help further your education.
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Stay InTouch

Keeping You Informed

We understand that scientific evidence is vital to advancing clinical practice, therefore we continue to sponsor new avenues of research promoting safety for healthcare professionals and improving patient outcomes.  We invite you to explore this section to find summaries of published literature covering a variety of healthcare topics. 
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Ansell: A Global Leader in Hospital PPE

At Ansell, we’ve been helping companies across a broad range of industries increase workplace safety standards for over 125 years. Driven by rigorous research and development and world-class engineering, our products are trusted by thousands of workers around the world.

To learn more about how our personal protective equipment can assist you, contact us today.