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Driven by innovation, Ansell’s range of sterile surgical gloves is engineered to respond to the evolving needs of the surgical community. Thanks to our unique formulations, cutting-edge technologies, ergonomic comfort, and advanced allergy protection, more healthcare workers around the world prefer Ansell surgical gloves and entrust their hands to our products.


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Low Allergenicity

Low Allergenicity

Chemical accelerator-free neoprene gloves, a skin-friendly polyisoprene (PI) range with low allergenic profile and low-protein latex formulations, minimize the risk of developing sensitivities and triggering allergic reactions that can hinder your performance.

Hand Health

Hand Health

Exclusive formers, ergonomically engineered to fit the natural shape of your hands, help reduce everyday muscle strain and glove-induced fatigue. Innovative, proprietary formulations are softer and thinner yet remarkably strong, optimizing comfort without compromising barrier effectiveness.

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User-focused Technologies

Proprietary technologies are designed to improve your glove-wearing experience and enhance performance, including skin moisturizing, dry and damp donning, secure cuffs that prevent roll-down, enhanced grip, pre-donned double-gloving system, and more.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging

Ansell's patented SMART Pack meets the needs of the O.R. with a space-saving and user-friendly dispenser box, designed with prominent labeling and color-coding for easy identification on any shelf space. SMART Pack features multi-choice opening tabs and an easy return slot for unused gloves. Small in size and lightweight, SMART packaging uses less plastic and cardboard to minimize the environmental impact.

Featured technology

Featured in Ansell’s next generation PI gloves

PI-KARE™ Technology enables the manufacture of even more comfortable and durable polyisoprene (PI) gloves now also made skin-friendlier with the elimination of standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies and sensitivities, making them safer to use.

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Clinical Evidence

Low Allergenicity

Healthcare workers can minimize latex sensitization by choosing powder-free natural rubber latex (NRL) gloves with low allergenic protein content if they choose to continue using latex gloves. It is important that these allergies are recognized and treated appropriately.


Donning Sterile Gloves

Surgical sterile gloves should be donned by the surgical scrub team in a manner that follows aseptic principal so that the sterile field is maintained.


Latex Allergy Management

Healthcare workers can minimize latex sensitization by choosing powder-free gloves with low allergenic protein content if they choose to continue using latex gloves. Establishing NRL-free or powder-free policies and procedures is an important preventative measure that reduces the risk of adverse reactions in both latex-sensitive patients and healthcare workers.


The Right Glove for the Right Situation

Each of our latex and non-latex gloves offers unique advantages, with different levels of barrier protection, durability, sensitivity, comfort, and grip. Choose the one best suited to the job at hand and your allergenic profile.


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