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Ansell Ltd. March 09, 2020


March 9, 2020 – Ansell Limited, a global leader in safety solutions, announces a partnership with Modjoul, a data-driven IoT platform and analytics company based in Clemson, South Carolina focused on workplace safety, to develop hand protection solutions addressing motion-ergonomics.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hand and wrist muscular skeletal diseases (MSDs) commonly results in $2 billion in annual medical costs, with 27 days average lost worktime, and 18% of impacted workers having to leave their job due to injury.1

Ansell and Modjoul are poised for a breakthrough in safety management by combining smart PPE with embedded sensors, data analytics and artificial intelligence to address MSDs and other common avoidable workplace injuries. This collaboration, coupled with the rapidly evolving, technology enabled, connected workplace, will provide millions of workers the data they need to analyze motion ergonomics while providing assurance for health and safety managers that tasks are being properly executed using proper safety equipment.

“The opportunity exists to leverage technology to develop smart wearable solutions engineered to monitor and mitigate common causes of ergonomic injuries in the workplace,” says Neil Salmon, President of Industrial Business at Ansell. “Our partnership with Modjoul will allow companies a cutting-edge view through never-before-seen analytics, generating actionable insights on safety, creating greater efficiency, flexibility and quality.”

“Imagine being able to see a side of a business you never knew existed,” says Eric Martinez, CEO of Modjoul. “Through our customizable platform, we’re providing the ability to shed new light on vital areas of business operations that can lead to injuries. Through this partnership with Ansell we will be able to leverage our expertise, coupled with Ansell’s 125 years of safety innovations with the goal of mitigating common hand & wrist muscular skeletal diseases in the workplace.”


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