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Ansell Ltd. March 10, 2023

Ansell Hosts First Global Supplier Summit to Engage on Resilient and Ethical Supply Chains

March 10, 2023, Cyberjaya, Malaysia - More than 25 key suppliers from 13 countries, with a total of more than 100 external participants, attended an inaugural Global Supplier Summit presented by Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, on 9 February 2023 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. With sustainability as the foundation of Ansell’s purpose fully integrated into its business strategy, the theme was: “Deliver Growth with Supply Reliability and ESG/Sustainability”.

Ansell invited suppliers from sourcing categories, including raw materials, chemicals, packaging, finished goods and logistics, attend the day-long session, which featured key messages delivered by Ansell leadership and opportunities for suppliers to showcase innovations and strategies via exhibits and discussions. The key messages communicated to suppliers focused on Ansell’s business strategy; its strategic supply chain priorities, including quality and reliable sourcing; and a greater focus on sustainability: reiterating requirements of sustainability compliance, cautions on greenwashing and antitrust/competition laws, and encouraging alignment with Ansell’s sustainability ambitions and programs, such as carbon footprint reduction in Scope 3, product stewardship and innovation, and supporting collaboration on industry progress through collaborations with third party organizations such as the Responsible Glove Alliance and CDP. 

Ansell presented its inaugural “Outstanding Performance Award” to Synthomer PLC, a supplier selected for its excellent performance in quality, delivery and cost and ESG, and demonstrated strong business support of Ansell, including at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Synthomer is committed to reach Net Zero and embraces sustainability in its innovation and production processes, notably with the launch of new generation material. For example, their new SyNovus™ Plus product line can allow gloves manufacturers to lower their energy consumption and is helping to recycle rubber gloves into new applications such as soles for safety shoes.

Speaking on the importance of this first Supplier Summit, Managing Director and CEO Neil Salmon said, “For Ansell, FY23 is the year of “Reliability”, and reliable supply chains are uppermost in our customers minds. The Global Supplier Summit was an important forum for discussion with our most strategic suppliers, on how we achieve reliable supply chains while also fulfilling our ambitions for carbon emissions reduction, material and process innovation, and eradication of modern slavery across all elements of our supply chain. I was pleased with the level of supplier engagement on these topics and I am confident I can say the Ansell supply chain is taking our collective commitments seriously and is aligned on our standards and objectives. I would like to thank the Ansell team for pulling together our inaugural supplier summit, and also thank our suppliers for their engagement and participation thus ensuring it was a great success.”


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