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Ansell Ltd. February 07, 2018


7 February, 2018 - Iselin, NJ - Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the GAMMEX® PI Glove-in-Glove System™, the first-to-market, pre-donned double gloving system that helps promote safer operating rooms by enabling faster and easier double gloving.

This breakthrough system features Ansell’s new GAMMEX® PI Hybrid™ as the outer glove, a blend of two synthetic materials where the comfort of polyisoprene (PI) meets the strength of neoprene. This is combined with the green-colored GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI Underglove - the thinnest PI underglove on the market - for quick and easy glove breach detection.

Although the world’s leading professional surgical organizations recommend double gloving to reduce the risk of infections, studies suggest that many surgeons and O.R. nurses don’t heed these recommendations due to objections such as a lack of time, inconvenience, discomfort, and challenges with tactility. Driven by innovation, GAMMEX surgical gloves are engineered to respond to minimizing such objections and improve double gloving compliance. With the outer and inner glove pre-donned and aligned at the fingers, GAMMEX PI Glove-in-Glove System does just that by enabling users to double glove in just one don. Without compromising on comfort, the world's first double gloving system ensures peace of mind with the protection of double-gloving. Benefits include:

  • Faster donning time – 75% of evaluators said the system is faster than their current two-step process
  • Lower environmental impact – two pre-donned gloves means 50% less inner wrap packaging waste
  • Improved fit – pre-aligned outer and inner gloves minimize need for adjustment, and the inner glove is ½ size bigger than the outer glove for optimal user comfort
  • Easier breach detection – semi-transparent natural-colored outer glove with a green inner glove
  • Easy removal of top glove - the outer glove comes off easily and the smooth upper surface of the inner glove makes it easy to accommodate any intraoperative changes
  • Advanced Allergy Protection - non-latex, diphenylguanidine-free (DPG-Free) and cetylpyridinium chloride-free (CPC-Free) to eliminate the risk of Type I latex allergy and minimize chemical Type IV allergies and skin sensitivities
  • SMART Pack Packaging – packaging components fit better on O.R. shelves, resulting in more efficient dispensing. Product identification, stacking, and storage are easier than ever.

“Ansell is known globally for its innovation; it’s in our DNA. Faithful to over 50 years of GAMMEX heritage, we are proud to introduce the world’s first pre-donned double gloving system providing the ultimate protection for healthcare workers, in half the time, while reducing the environmental impact,” says Joe Kubicek, President of the Healthcare Global Business Unit at Ansell. “Through customer feedback we developed this new offering with innovations that will make donning gloves easier and safer in the O.R.” For more information about the GAMMEX Glove-in-Glove System visit 

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