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Ansell Ltd. April 21, 2021


21 April 2021 - Brussels – Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, has signed a contract under the terms of a European Union (EU) Framework agreement to help meet the ongoing and critical need for PPE to support the pandemic response. The agreement provides assurance of Ansell’s capacity to supply up to three million AlphaTec ® 2000 disposable gowns, if required, over the next twelve months; to protect key frontline healthcare workers involved in deploying COVID-19 vaccines.

Ansell reacted rapidly to the growing pandemic-driven demand for PPE

Ansell has been recently appreciated by the European Commission for its contributions in tendering to the EU Framework agreement, which is designed for purchasing essential protective equipment and administered under the auspices of the European Commission.

This latest contract announcement is the culmination of Ansell’s unfaltering commitment to a process commencing in January 2020. Reacting rapidly to the growing pandemic-driven demand for PPE, Ansell increased its manufacturing and distribution capacity, ramping up production in Europe, Sri Lanka and China of its AlphaTec® 2000 disposable gowns. In addition, contingency plans were put in place to ensure supply chains remained robust regardless of any potential disruption.

A combination of expertise, global capabilities and tireless efforts

With worker needs in the pandemic constantly evolving, Ansell has had to be equally responsive. Combining its acknowledged expertise and global capabilities, Ansell’s APS Lithuania team - which specializes in the development and production of re-usable Gas & Liquid-Tight suits - committed to pushing the barriers of innovation for the AlphaTec® product portfolio.

That, in less than six months, Ansell were able to specifically commercialise production of the - Made in Europe - AlphaTec® 2000 disposable gowns is testament to rigorous planning, and a highly responsive and agile team whose expertise and commitment is outstanding in the industry.

A duty and a privilege

Paul Bryce, Vice President & General Manager at Ansell Chemical Solutions SBU states: “It is both our duty and our privilege as an acknowledged global leader to commit to make this PPE available. Frontline healthcare workers can be confident that the protective equipment to carry out their essential tasks in the fight against the Covid-19 virus will be there if needed. With the virus changing the way people work, we’re constantly looking to better protect workers, and to respond at speed to the evolving demand for multi-hazard protection by further developing and expanding availability of our existing AlphaTec® portfolio. Our AlphaTec® 2000 portfolio is fully compliant under EN standards for protection from viruses and is optimised to support wearer comfort, performance and protection. We are committed to continue to invest in our leading technologies to fulfil our responsibilities to the European Commission. However, our existing customers can rest assured that this will not impact any ongoing agreements. By offering this commitment to protect frontline healthcare workers in the vaccine rollout across Europe, we will not only be protecting them, but ultimately we will be protecting us all.”


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