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Ansell Ltd. November 27, 2017


Combines the latex-like comfort of polyisoprene with the strength of neoprene


27 NOVEMBER, 2017 - Iselin, NJ -- Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the launch of the first hybrid surgical glove to its range, GAMMEX® PI Hybrid. Featuring Ansell’s patent-pending HYBRID™ Technology, this new glove combines the best of two well-known, non-latex polymers to deliver the latex-like comfort of polyisoprene (PI) with the strength and durability of neoprene.

Due to the complications surrounding latex allergies, hospitals worldwide are moving to non-latex environments with the aim of reducing the incidence of allergic reactions and providing better protection for both healthcare workers and patients. They need highly durable and comfortable non-latex products that do not put added pressure on hospital budgets.

“For more than 50 years, GAMMEX has maintained the most technologically advanced surgical glove portfolio in the business. We are proud to continue that tradition today by introducing the GAMMEX PI Hybrid glove, made with patent-pending Ansell HYBRID Technology,” says Joe Kubicek, President of the Healthcare Business at Ansell. “By creating a revolutionary new formulation that combines the best of both polyisoprene and neoprene, our R&D experts were able to engineer a stronger solution that still has the fit and tactile feel of a polyisoprene surgical glove. This unique, hybrid glove gives healthcare workers who need non-latex solutions a glove with exceptional comfort and superior durability.”

Driven by innovation, GAMMEX surgical gloves are engineered to respond to the evolving user needs of the surgical community. GAMMEX PI Hybrid offers all the comfort of PI products, with higher strength, to give healthcare workers seeking non-latex options an exciting, new solution. Key features include:

• Patent-pending HYBRID™ Technology, for latex-like comfort and enhanced durability

• A semi-transparent, natural color, for fast and easy breach detection when used as an outer glove over a colored under glove

• Non-latex, to reduce the risk of Type I allergies due to latex exposure

• Diphenylguanidine-free (DPG-Free) to help minimize chemical Type IV allergies and sensitivities to this chemical accelerator

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