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Ansell Ltd. September 04, 2015


September 4 2015 – Brussels, Belgium – Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and makers of the popular SKYN® Condoms, today announces the complete redesign of its Manix® brand, offering consumers a new experience with the product.

Several changes were made to the packaging to enhance overall product identity and strengthen shelf presence. These changes include:

  • Stronger Manix logo with better contrasts and light effects, reflecting modernity and innovation.
  • Unique dark blue background to better communicate values of high quality standard.
  • More visible and clear communication on pack through new horizontal position and straight forward product benefits.
  • The core range will be in packs of 14 condoms to provide better consumer value without price increase.

“Manix has long been a popular choice among customers in France,” says Jeyan Heper, President & General Manager, Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit. “All of the changes to our Manix brand are based on strong consumer research and to address our consumers’ needs. We believe these changes are going to increase the bond with our current consumers, as well as attract new consumers looking for a high quality and modern condom brand.”


In the very near future, this new visual identity will be introduced across the Manix product portfolio including lubricant gels.




About Manix®

Manix was born in France in 1985 and accounts for 30-years of experiences in the sexual wellness market.

Today, Manix is one of the leading brands in the condoms and lubricants segments in many distribution channels. Manix built its success on innovation and quality. The French brand was the first to offer consumers ultra-thin condoms for better sensations.

In 1995, Manix was taken over by Ansell Group, and the brand has been extended in other EMEA countries.

In 2015, Manix continues on in its development, offering consumers a wide-range of possibilities (from intact sensations, retarding condoms, extra stimulating textures, large sizes, and long-lasting lubricants).

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