SANDEL® STAT-SORB™ Medical Solidifier

Fast-acting medical solidifier for safe disposal of blood and body fluids

Key Features and Benefits

  • Screw-off cap: Easy-to-dispense liquid medical waste solidifiers
  • Compatible with a variety of containers: Practical and convenient
  • Available in many sizes: Quality cleaning solution that caters to all


  • Increased convenience: The fast-acting, SANDEL STAT-SORB™ Medical Solidifier features a screw-off cap for easy dispensing
  • Improved practicality: This solidifier for medical waste is compatible with a variety of containers ranging from suction canisters, emesis basins, bed pans to red bags, kick buckets and others
  • Varied sizing options: In addition, the SANDEL STAT-SORB™ Medical Solidifier is available in a variety of sizes and can be included in a custom STAT-PAC Turnover Kit to satisfy different needs

Recommended For

  • Safe disposal of blood and body fluids

Primary industries

  • Healthcare

Product details

  • RESTERILIZATION Not Applicable
  • STERILE Non-Sterile


Item Number Product name Product description Packaging Case qty
SS-1200 STAT-SORB Solidifier for 1200cc Canister 96/Cs 96
SS-1500 STAT-SORB Solidifier for 1500cc Canister 96/Cs 96
SS-2000 STAT-SORB Solidifier for 2000cc Canister 60/Cs 60
SS-3000 STAT-SORB Solidifier for 3000cc Canister 60/Cs 60

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