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In 2021, we began our 5-year Sustainable Packaging Program. Our pledge? That every packaging choice should be guided by scientific research to minimize our environmental impact, while maintaining our superior quality that protects people and products.

Our approach focuses on minimizing the packaging required for our products, and considering what happens to the packaging once disposed.



46 %

less paper a year in our Industrial product packaging

35 %

less plastic per year in our Industrial product packaging

96 %

of our Industrial product packaging now recyclable

50 %

recycled material in our Life Science shipper cases

70 %

minimum recycled material in our single-use and examination packaging

51 %

less material in our new surgical glove packaging versus previous design


HyFlex 11-842 Packaging with 2023-2024

Paperband implementation​

We’re removing all plastic packaging from selected styles of Industrial gloves as part of our pledge to minimize our packaging's environmental impact and to reduce packaging’s use of plastic and paper in our Industrial product range by 2026.

Alphatec glove with 2023-2024

Pair to bulk packaging

Since January 2023, we’ve been updating the packaging of our AlphaTec® chemical gloves and removing individual plastic bags, effectively removing 144 plastic bags from every case of 144 pairs of gloves shipped from Ansell.

Shipper Case with 2023-2024

Shipper case optimization​

We’re standardizing our shipper case sizes to remove wasted empty space. Transportation of goods is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, so this way we minimize shipping volumes and optimize handling and palletization for our customers.

Shipper case with 2023-2024

Plastic-free vended items​

Every six pairs of our Chemical and Mechanical vended items were previously bundled into a plain plastic sleeve. Removing those sleeves from several styles has effectively removed 24 plastic bags and inner labels from every case of 144 pairs of gloves shipped from Ansell within the EMEA/APAC region.

QR code on 11-842 packaging

QR codes on primary packaging​

We're adding QR codes onto primary product packaging so customers can easily access product information digitally online.

IFU and laptop with 2022

Instructions for use digitization in NA and LAC

We removed all paper instructions for use (IFUs) and transitioned to fully digital IFUs for the NA/LAC region, where regulations allow paperless IFUs.

MICROFLEX 31-103 Packaging

Compostable bags

Following a successful pilot in September 2022, we now pack our single-use MICROFLEX® 31-103 gloves in compostable bags designed to achieve 90% biodegradation within 180 days in industrial composting facilities.

Ansell Smart Pack Packaging and WSHAsia Award

Surgical SMART Pack™​

Previously made of recyclable paper but also a non-recyclable plastic, from May 2021 we began changing the plastic part of the poly-pouch to a recyclable PE-based material, so now the entire packaging can be recycled.

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