Kelly Patraju
Kelly Patraju March 02, 2020


Giving back together

Last November, six Ansell locations participated in Hands-On with HyFlex® Day by partnering with the following non-profit organizations: Women Aware (US), Elijah’s Promise (US), Serve the City (BE), Malaysian Nature Society (MY), Yarra Riverkeeper Association (AU), RSPB Blacktoft Sands (UK), and Reach Unlimited (US). One hundred twenty-nine global Ansell employees proudly donated 526 volunteer hours, $3,500 in cash and materials, and about 1,800 HyFlex® gloves. These collective efforts enriched lives and communities across the Ansell world.

In 2018, as part of Ansell’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, led by the Ansell Industrial Team, employees generated an annual community outreach initiative, Hands-On with HyFlex® Day. Celebrating over 125 years as a responsible and trusted safety adviser around the world, Ansell employees partnered with non-profit organizations globally to enhance and rebuild communities in need. Hands-On with HyFlex® Day aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Disaster Preparedness/Response and Strategic Philanthropy. The success of Hands-On with HyFlex® Day rests on two fundamental assets: volunteer time donated by our employees as well as safety products donated by our Company.

Making Our Communities Clean, Safe and Beautiful

Some of Ansell’s global service projects included:

  • Painting a local community shelter and children’s recreation area
  • Distributing food packages to homeless individuals
  • Planting trees and cleaning a wildlife perservatory for resident tapirs
  • Restoring and enhancing a courtyard and computer room for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Removing timber, driftwood and litter from a local wildlife area
  • Collecting over 32kg (70 lbs) of trash along the Yarra River
  • Cleaning and beautifying local safe houses for women and children affected by domestic violence
  • Composting and preparing a community garden used to provide food for local shelters in an underprivileged neighborhood

Employees connecting with their local communities to affect change one selfless contribution at a time creates a compounding effect given Ansell’s global reach. As Hands-On with HyFlex® Day grows each year, we will continue to learn and evolve through our community partnerships and strive to be a model for corporate philanthropy.

“Random acts of kindness, however small it may be, can transform the world.”
― Amit Ray

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