Courtney Cohen February 27, 2020


Ansell Employees Volunteer Globally

Community engagement boosts moral, team building and collaboration – all qualities that Ansell values. Around the world, Ansell participates in a multitude of community-based events including, 50 Metropark employees cleaned-up beaches in New Jersey, 24 employees from Hull UK held a cycling marathon to benefit Doctors Without Borders, over 30 employees in Brussels volunteered with the Special Olympics, and six employees at Ansell Poland triumphantly completed an extreme obstacle race called Runmageddon. Ansell employees are dedicated to helping others around the world. Our employees continuously put their hearts and their hands into the work to get the job done.

Product Donations Make A Difference Too!

Ansell also recognizes the impact product donations can play when it comes to community partnerships. The Centre d’Action Bénévole de St-Césaire, a local non-profit community center in Quebec, Canada, which is focusing on planting a community garden to supply fresh vegetables, is engaging local residents in caring for the environment and providing surplus produce to local food banks.

Employees from St-Césaire Bonduelle Americas plant, a food packaging company, volunteered at the community center to weed, rake, plow and plant dozens of vegetables. The team at Ansell’s Cowansville office donated four cases of HyFlex® gloves to make the day of gardening tasks safer and more comfortable for the volunteers.

Ansell’s HyFlex gloves combine advanced technology with comfort to provide optimal protection, productivity and dexterity. HyFlex gloves are a valuable resource considering that the hand is the second most common body part to be injured at work.

The Bonduelle volunteers were protected by the durability of the HyFlex gloves and the remaining pairs will be utilized by Centre d’Action Bénévole de St-Césaire’s current and future gardeners. Ansell’s Canadian team is proud to support the Centre d’Action Bénévole de St-Césaire by providing our products and making volunteers jobs safer and more comfortable.


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