Mathilde Mercier
Mathilde Mercier August 30, 2021

Ansell UK Team Digs in To Support One Hull Of A Forest Project

During tree-planting season back in early December, Ansell UK employees in Willerby partnered with the Plant a Tree Today Foundation and Green Task Force to plant 250+ trees on school grounds in their community. The theme of this year's Earth Day is Restore Our Earth. Seems like the perfect day to applaud our UK colleagues and learn more about their experience.

Equipped with warm clothing, a good pair of boots, and donations of HyFlex® and ActivArmr® gloves, the Ansell team planted more than 250 trees in a single day, alongside volunteers from the Plant a Tree Today Foundation (PATT) and the Green Task Force (GTF).  As part of this activity, every Ansell colleague in the UK and Ireland was gifted a tree inside this new forest as a Christmas present.

From taking steps to deploy more sustainable packaging, to research and development to achieve biodegradable and recyclable materials, Ansell is actively working on strategies to protect our planet as well as its people. These new trees will help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while creating greener spaces and wildlife habitat. Working with GTF provided an opportunity for service veterans dealing with PTSD to connect with nature. Studies show that Nature-Based Therapy has a positive effect on the mental health and well-being of these service veterans.

On Earth Day and every day, thank you to our Ansell UK team for this outstanding initiative, and to all of our Ansell people who are working to lead the way in sustainability advances for people and our planet.


A tree absorbs between 10 and 50kg of CO² per year on average? Let's do the math! With 250 trees planted, 7.5 ton of CO² could be absorbed per year. The CO² impact of a return trip from Brussels to New York is one ton, so 7 return trips from Brussels to New York are absorbed per year thanks to these trees. Not bad for a morning spent out of the office!

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