Byung Hak Son
Byung Hak Son April 22, 2018

Earth Day 2018: Ansell Korea is Building Environmental Awareness Through Eco-friendly Employee Initiatives

To celebrate Mother Earth on April 22, Ansell Korea created initiatives to inspire awareness and conserve the environment. The event was well received by the plant employees, management team, and others who care for the environment.

Factory Cleaning

During the day, all employees participated in cleaning the whole plant. Each year, we do our part to help the planet by recycling and eliminating unnecessary things such as aluminum cans, glass bottles, paper, and plastics.

Plant Management

To enhance the natural habitats within Ansell Korea's care, we pruned all plants by removing dead leaves, limbs, and branches, as well as weeding the flower bed. This is to encourage healthy growth and make the plants look neater.

Plastic Pollution Awareness

To support this year's "End Plastic Pollution" theme, posters were placed along the main corridor of the factory and canteen, and two short movies titled "The Tragedy of the Commons" and "Microplastics" were broadcast on our internal televisions.

Posters for Earth Day were printed using environmental-friendly latex printers. As opposed to the traditional petroleum-based ink, this water-based latex ink is eco-friendlier as it is naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds; chemical compounds that evaporate and react to sunlight), and its usage can reduce emissions that cause air pollution.

Water Conservation Awareness

To educate employees on the importance of water conservation, metal awareness stickers were placed at each location that provides water.

"Ahnabada" Market

During lunch time, employees brought unused items to our mini market which we called "Ahnabada" market (Ah: Conserve, Na: Share, Ba: Exchange, and Da: Reuse). Employees had a choice of either exchange the items, selling them at a low price, or donating the items.

The "Ahnabada" movement, or CSER movement, which stands for conserve, share, exchange and reuse was created by the Republic of Korea national as part of an initiative to reduce unnecessary expenditure in the efforts to "recycle, reuse, and reduce".

Zero Food Waste Day

Global food waste is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. One activity that employees at Ansell Korea did to eliminate this impact was to stage a Zero Food Waste Day.  Prior to event day, we placed several signs at the factory's canteen to create awareness, and the menu was also carefully selected to reduce food wastage.

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