Ana Bertolin
Ana Bertolin March 05, 2018

Ansell Brazil introduces Ethics for All Program: A Value Engagement Exercise 

At Ansell, we take our core values to heart and recognize the importance of implementing core values in everything we do. Our stakeholders recognize Ansell as a trustworthy, reliable and high-performing solution provider guided by our values:

  • Integrity – We value doing what is right and ethical.
  • Trustworthiness – We value acting with respect, fairness and dependability.
  • Agility – We value responsiveness to customers and each other, openness to change and flexibility.
  • Creativity – We value inventiveness, innovation and new and divergent ways of thinking.
  • Passion – We value energy and excitement, commitment, drive and dedication.
  • Involvement – We value our team members' input, influence and initiative.
  • Teamwork – We value collaboration and a sense of partnership, sharing and caring.
  • Excellence – We value a tenacious focus on results, accountability and goal achievement.

Ansell Brazil is introducing a new program called Etica Para Todos – Second Phase, which kicked off in March and will run through December 2018. Etica Para Todos translates to "ethic for all." Each month will feature a core value to encourage all employees in recognizing and identifying these values in colleagues. The program aims to bring employees together, explore how deeply these values are embedded within the organization, and examine the role that values play in our work at Ansell.  

A monthly rotation of various activities in visual and textual form is carried out based on the featured core value of the month. Through these activities, employees will develop specific skills and teamwork abilities in accordance to the value.

The program is taking place in both São Bernardo do Campo (SBC), Hercules and Santo André units simultaneously. Ana Paula Bertoli – Senior HR Specialist at the SBC unit and Rafaela Gomes Palacios – HR Specialist at the Santo André unit are leading the Etica Para Todos program. For Santo André unit, employees voted for the value of "Involvement" and Arlani Barbosa – Cleaning Assistant & Cup Serviceand Daniela Bezerra – Administrative Assistant, emerged the winners. The winners for the SBC unit are Sandra Godoi – Nurse, Aparecida Leite – Operation Employee and Ana Lelli – Sr. Tax Specialist.

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