Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan February 28, 2019

Ansell Takes on Leading Purple Nitrile Competitor

The disposable glove market is anything but disposable to workers and safety managers around the world. A recent report from Allied Market Research noted the global disposable market was valued at $6.14 billion in 2016. Workers rely on disposable gloves daily to ensure they stay comfortable and protected.

As the demand for disposable glove performance increases, manufacturers are constantly developing more robust PPE options to provide sturdy coverage for demanding applications. For example, Microflex Supreno® and XCEED® gloves provide better strength, comfort and barrier integrity than the leading purple and lavender nitrile gloves, respectively. This is demonstrated in laboratory tests and product specifications which measure tensile strength, modulus and the Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) of the gloves. Additionally, Supreno gloves have textured fingers which ensure a strong grip. They also have non-stick properties which provide improved efficiency and speed if working with tapes or adhesives. XCEED® are thin but strong nitrile gloves which are ergonomically certified to reduce hand fatigue and improve productivity.

If you’re looking for a robust disposable product that outperforms your current glove, give one of ours a try to see if it stands up to your daily needs.

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