January 26, 2019

MICROFLEX Gloves Outperform

We Tested Against the Leading Purple & Lavender Competitors

Why it Matters and How We Prove it

How is Ansell better?

When tested against the leading purple and lavender glove competitors, Ansell gloves such as MICROFLEX XCEED, MICROFLEX Supreno SE, and MICROFLEX Supreno EC were proven to provide better strength, superior comfort and more consistent barrier integrity.

See more detail below on how MICROFLEX compared to the leading competitive gloves on the metrics of strength, comfort and barrier integrity, or download the comparison sheets for more complete data.

MICROFLEX XCEED XC310 vs Leading Lavender Glove Competitor 9522

MICROFLEX XCEED XC310 vs Leading Lavender Glove Competitor 1222

MICROFLEX XCEED XC 310 vs Leading Lavender Glove Competitor - [MICROFLEX XCEED XC-310 vs Leading Lavender Glove Competitor]

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Comparison Charts


MICROFLEX® Supreno SE SU-690 & MICROFLEX® Supreno EC SEC-375

Made from durable nitrile with advanced barrier protection (0.65 AQL), these sturdy gloves are ideal for longer wear times and demanding applications. Examination grade. Blue / Violet.

MICROFLEX® XCEED XC-310 Nitrile Disposable Glove w/ ERGOFORM™ Technology

Ansell's most durable thin mil nitrile glove. Ergonomically certified, lightweight, thin nitrile formulation provides exceptional tactile sensitivity, strength and advanced barrier integrity (0.65 AQL). Examination grade. Blue.

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Data on this page is based on results of laboratory tests. These tests were run using standard EN test methods that may not adequately replicate any specific conditions of end use. Because Ansell has no detailed knowledge or control over the conditions of end use, this data is advisory only, and Ansell assumes no responsibility for any reliance on the information.

* Source: Leading glove competitor’s Technical Data Sheets.

** Unaged # Based on superior modulus as detailed in the chart above.

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