Lightweight, durable PU dry suit

Key Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight and robust material
  • Ideal for warm water & warm climates
  • Helps alleviate the issue of heat stress
  • Suitable for cold water diving
  • Suitable for contaminated water diving operations
  • High Frequency welded seams for additional strength and safety.
  • Smooth, easy to clean surface after diving in contaminated waters
  • Tested for flex cracking after > 200 flexes down to -40°C
  • Hazmat (chemical protection) and BIO (protection against infective agents) approvals
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product category

Diving & Water Rescue Diving & Water Rescue
Dry Diving Dry Diving

Product Material

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), single coated onto a knitted nylon fabric.

Design Features

Rear entry.

Seam Type

External: High frequency (HF) welded. Internal: Heat applied seam tape.

Standards Overview

• EN 14225-2:2017
• HZ chemical approval
• BIO approval 
• Tested for flex cracking according to EN ISO 7854

Product Reference


Country Of Origin



• Regular: 00/SML, 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL • Wide: 00/SML, 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL • Double Wide: 00/SML, 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL See the VIKING™ size chart for detailed size measurements along with boot sizing.


Average material weight: approx. 480 +/- 40 g/m2.

Neck Seal

Fitted with a Surveyor latex neck seal as standard. Option: Bellows latex neck seal; VIKING™ Quick Neck system, which allows for quick changing of broken seals.

Yoke Options

A full range of helmet yokes is available, such as: SL 27/37, Desco, AH3, Genesis, Gorski, Deepsea and Dräger.


Red suits: Medium Duty (MD) magnetic PU zipper; 90 cm long; welded. Black suits: Medium Duty (MD) non-magnetic PU zipper; 90 cm long; welded. The zipper is placed across the shoulders.


Latex PRO cuffs are fitted as standard. Options: Bellows latex cuffs; Conical cuffs. In order to make the suit completely waterproof, it is possible to fit a rubber cuff ring system, alternatively the VIKING™ Bayonet Ring System. Both systems make the fitment of latex gloves or mittens possible.

Footwear And Attachments

Rubber coated 5 mm neoprene boots. The boots feature a non-slip outsole and a heel fin retainer. Option: Nitrile safety boots.

Included With Each Delivery

Each suit comes supplied with suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit and zip care materials.


Black welded reinforcements applied to shoulder area and elbows. Embossed welded knee pads.

  • Commercial Diving
  • Defense
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire and Rescue
  • &bull; EN 14225-2:2017<br /> &bull; HZ chemical approval <br /> &bull; BIO approval&nbsp; <br /> &bull; Tested for flex cracking according to EN ISO 7854
    • EN 14225-2:2017
    • HZ Chemical Resistance
  • Underwater Inspection
  • Navy Diving
  • Special Forces Diving
  • Inspection Diving
  • Underwater Search and Recovery
  • COLOR Red with black reinforcements, All Black