Medium-duty flexible dry suit

Key Features and Benefits
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Easy to clean exterior when contaminated
  • Internal stitched and taped seams
  • External vulcanised seams
  • Easy to repair in the field to minimise downtime


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product category

Diving & Water Rescue Diving & Water Rescue
Dry Diving Dry Diving

Product Material

Knitted polyester fabric coated on the outside with an NR/EPDM rubber blend, 1150 g/m2

Design Features

Vulcanised dry diving suit with back-entry. Fitted with footwear, neck seal, cuffs and integrated suspenders. Designed for flexibility and comfort in a wide range of applications. Vulcanised seams allow for peace of mind when diving under all situations.

Seam Type

Stitched and sealed with a textile tape on the inside. On the outside a rubber tape is vulcanized over the seam.

Standards Overview

• EN 14225-2:2017
• BIO micro-organism approval

Product Reference


Country Of Origin



• Regular: 00/SML, 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL, 05/XXXL
• Wide: 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL
• Double Wide: 01/MED, 02/LGE, 03/EXL, 04/XXL
See the VIKING™ size chart for detailed size measurements along with boot sizing. Vulcanised rubber suits are not custom built due to the dependency of aluminium mannequins for vulcanization.


Approx. 8 kg in size 02/LGE

Neck Seal

• Standard: Surveyor latex neck seal, glued-on • Options: Neoprene neck seal, various models; VIKING™ Quick Neck system, for mounting a neck seal and/or a hood

Yoke Options

Various models available to fit various helmet brands and designs.


Heavy-duty, non-magnetic, 90 cm long
The zipper is gas and watertight, and is placed on the back across the shoulders.


• Standard: PRO cuffs, glued-on • Options: Other Latex cuff models or Neoprene cuffs, Rubber cuff ring or Bayonet ring system, both of which allow for cuffs and/or gloves to be mounted

Footwear And Attachments

• Standard: Integrated rubber soles, vulcanised to the suit. The sole features a non-slip surface for grip, and the heel has a fin strap retainer. • Options: Latex socks, Neoprene boots or Nitrile rubber safety boots - all glued-on

Included With Each Delivery

Each suit comes supplied with: • Suspenders • Patch repair kit, including zip care fluid • Inflation hose, 75 cm long with CEJN fitting • Carry bag • Instructions for Use (IFU)


Rubber reinforcements from the foot up over the knee and the seat, across shoulders and down over elbows and in the crotch. Reinforcements are vulcanised onto the suit.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Shipping
  • Defense
  • Recreational Diving
  • 1 suit with VIKING™ nylon carry bag, repair kit and manual inside cardboard carton.   
  • &bull; EN 14225-2:2017<br /> &bull; BIO micro-organism approval
    • EN 14225-2:2017
  • Underwater Search and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Inspection Diving
  • Maintenance inspection
  • Military Diving
  • COLOR Black with red reinforcements on shoulders/zipper, All Black