Heavy-duty vulcanised rubber dry suit

Key Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty material to withstand the harshest environments
  • Internal stitched and taped seams
  • External vulcanised seams for security
  • Easy to clean when diving in contaminated waters
  • Easy to repair minimizing downtime
  • Hazmat (chemical protection) and BIO (protection against infective agents) approvals

Standards and certifications

CE Number 0598
EN 14225-2:2017
HZ Chemical Resistance

Design features

Rear entry. The suit material is heavy duty, built to withstand the rigours of diving in a harsh working environment. Whether the job is cleaning a ships hull, carrying out welding and inspection, or clearing a fouled propeller, the VIKING™ HD is equal to these tasks and more.

Recommended For

  • Underwater Inspection
  • Navy Diving
  • Special Forces Diving
  • Inspection Diving
  • Underwater Search and Recovery

Primary industries

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Shipping
  • Defense
  • Recreational Diving
  • Emergency Medical Services

Product details

  • COLOR Black, Red
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL Blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM) on a 2-way stretch knitted polyester lining
  • SEAM TYPE Stitched and Taped
  • STANDARDS OVERVIEW <ul> <li>EN 14225-2:2017</li> <li>HZ chemical approval</li> <li>BIO micro-organism approval</li> </ul>
  • NECK SEAL Fitted with a Surveyor latex neck seal as standard. Option: VIKING™ Quick Neck system, which allows for quick changing of broken seals.
  • YOKE OPTIONS A full range of rubber helmet yokes is available to fit all of the popular demand and freeflow helmets such as SL27/37/47 etc, AH3/5, Desco, Deepsea and Genesis.
  • ZIPPER • Red/Black suits: Heavy Duty (HD) magnetic; 90 cm long • Black suits: Heavy Duty (HD) non-magnetic; 90 cm long The zipper is gas and watertight, and is placed across the shoulders.
  • CUFFS Latex HD cuffs are the standard fitment. Options: A rubber cuff ring system or the VIKING™ Bayonet Ring System. Both systems make the fitment of rubber gloves and mittens possible.
  • FOOTWEAR AND ATTACHMENTS The standard boot is an extension of the leg, with a heavy duty flexible rubber outsole stitched and taped to the end. The outsole features a non-slip surface for grip. The heel has a fin strap retainer. Alternative options are available.
  • INCLUDED WITH EACH DELIVERY Each suit comes supplied with suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit and zip care materials.
  • REINFORCEMENTS Additional layers of anti-slip textured rubber are applied to areas at risk of wear. The shoulders and zipper are reinforced. The front of the legs down to the boots, and around the boots are also protected from abrasion and puncturing.
  • WEIGHT Approx. 9 kg in size 02/LGE


Individually packaged

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