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Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the first glove in the HyFlex product line to offer oil repellency, secure grip and cut resistance. The uniquely engineered HyFlex 11-927 glove features Ansell RIPEL Liquid Repellence Technology and Ansell GRIP Technology, combined with a cut resistant liner and a higher dip lining. This unique combination provides high levels of protection while retaining the dexterity that is a hallmark of the HyFlex offering. The innovative design brings a new level of protection, performance and oil repellence to workers facing mechanical risks in slippery conditions.

The need to empower workers with the proper protection is critical: approximately 60 percent of industrial workers performing primary assembly, metal working and stamping operations are at risk for coming into contact with liquids, including lubricants and oils, which when absorbed through the skin can cause irritation and contamination of the body . To achieve both cut protection and oil repellence, workers are often forced to double-up on gloves, resulting in a reduction of grip or flexibility; or they select gloves that offer proper protection but absorb liquids and are prematurely discarded, increasing costs. Ansell engineered the oil repellent HyFlex 11-927 gloves to address the risks that mechanical workers face in oily environments, while still delivering the comfort, safety and durability that is the standard of the HyFlex glove series.

"Ansell has a legacy of developing solutions that address the changing needs of the industrial sector while delivering the highest levels of hand protection, performance and comfort," said Bob Gaither, Ansell senior vice president and regional director, North America. "Some gloves used in oily work situations are compromising protection and performance, so we engineered the innovative HyFlex 11-927 gloves with RIPEL and GRIP technologies, setting an unprecedented new standard for oil performance and protection."

HyFlex 11-927 gloves provide a distinctive new level of protection and performance to the glove safety marketplace and set new industry standards through the following innovations:

  • RIPEL technology creates a liquid-impermeable layer in knit glove styles that prevents oil or lubricant from making even incidental contact with the wearer's skin, while also enhancing hand health.
  • Industry leading GRIP technology is a coating treatment that minimizes the force required to grip oily or wet tools or materials, reducing hand and arm fatigue and improving dexterity, safety and productivity. Long lasting protection is achieved by combining a ¾ nitrile dip primary layer and a nitrile grip palm dip for abrasion resistance.

These unique features can result in reduced costs for safety managers, while increasing workplace safety and overall worker comfort and productivity. Further product information can be found at the HyFlex product website.

More information on HyFlex 11-927 or other products from the HyFlex glove line, click here. For more information on Ansell, call 800.800.0444 in the US or visit, or In Canada, contact Ansell Customer Service at 800.363.8340.




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